Part 1: Scams and dating sites : exposing your walet !

As you already know, there are a lot of ill-intentioned users out there trying to scam you on dating sites. However, we often forget that many of these platforms also use a variety of means to trick us and take our money as well. Who are they, how do they do it, how much are they able to get? Find out about the different scams used on dating sites to make you pay:

1. Fake dating sites

Creating fake dating sites to get money out of you is not difficult. Their owner buys several hundred or even thousands of complete fake profiles (last name, first name, age, address, photo, description, etc.) and lets them live by collecting payments from unsuspecting users. There is no advertising, so no big expenses to maintain this income. This scam allows the owner to make a profit easily! Quite often they put online several sites with almost identical appearance but with different names to accumulate the profits. Don’t be fooled!

2. False profiles (purchased lists).

The foundation of a dating site is to have users. But it is not always easy to attract them, let alone keep them on the platform. The solution to this problem: for a few hundred (or even thousands) euros, it is possible to buy a very large number of fake profiles. This is a very good way to attract paying subscribers, but do not expect to receive replies to your messages.

3. Fake likes, fake visits and fake messages.

This technique is often used by large dating sites. It’s simple and it works perfectly. You have just created your profile and you receive visits and interest from other users. Even better, your first messages! 

So you tell yourself that Love is just out there, within reach of your screen. You will first have to pay a subscription to be able to read your suitors’ messages. Your goal being to find your match, you subscribe to the offer that is the most advantageous for you, either financially or to maximize your chances of finding someone. Except that once your premium account has been activated, your suitors have either disappeared or do not respond to you in return. 

Did you take too long to respond? Not at all, you’ve been the victim of a scam pushing you to take a subscription as soon as possible.

4. Limited messages

Another very common way used by dating sites is the following case.   

Your profile has just been created and the suitor of your dreams has already sent you a message.  You reply and start a conversation. You are getting along and the fact that he wants to know more about you by talking to you in person proves it. 

You send him your phone number, but the message does not send. You’ve just reached your free message limit and now you have to subscribe to a subscription to share your phone number. So, you pay the requested amount.  

As if by magic, no more replies from the man of your dreams, or even worse, his account has just disappeared. You know what just happened.


Hacker in front of his computer. Dark face

You got it! You must be very careful when you register on dating sites. When you want to register, first find out more about the platform, check out the notices and do not get carried away as soon as you receive the interest of several potential suitors. Be patient, love will come to those who know how to wait and pay, because in the end, most dating sites require you to pay to access their full service. It is important to know this if you do not want to be disappointed.

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