Covid-19 and internet dating : Marriage or divorce?

The year 2020 will be for a long time the year of Covid-19 (also called Sars-Cov-2 or in a less precise way “the Coronavirus”). How many of us will remember in 5, 10, 20 or 50 years the confinement period ? 

Certainly many because, whether economically or socially, its impact has been enormous. 

Human beings are social animals, being isolated from their fellow beings has been a problem for them. The internet helped users keep in touch and has therefore logically seen its attendance increase since the introduction of confinement in countries throughout the world.

1. What is the current situation with Covid-19 ?

According to the site Channel news asia, from 31 December 2019 to 24 July 2020, there was unfortunately: 

  • Worldwide: 15,477,472 confirmed cases and 633,122 deaths. 
  • In Europe: 1,656,896 confirmed cases and 181,239 deaths. 
  • In France: 180,528 confirmed cases, 30,192 deaths, 5,720 hospitalized patients and 7 departments in a vulnerable situation. 

Although research is proactive, no vaccine has yet been found. It is therefore important for everyone to adopt a responsible behavior so as not to spread this virus. 

3. Dating sites and applications from confinement. 

Containment. Social distancing. Epidemic. Health crisis. This lexical field is far removed from that of internet assisted dating, but it is nevertheless true that in France, dating remains at the heart of the preoccupations of more than 25 million singles. 44% of them think they could fall in love without having met in “real life”. 

More than 22% of singles are registered on dating sites and applications. This is why we develop in this article, the interaction between the epidemic we are experiencing and the “internet dating” sector. » 

How did singles in 2020 react? 

Did he choose to stop dating sites, knowing that he couldn’t meeting anyone? Or did he rush to love apps to find his soul mate and prepare his schedule of ephemeral encounters after confinement? 

With more time to devote to the search for love online, singles have of course chosen to take refuge on dating sites. These social networks allow them to make encounters without leaving their homes and to schedule appointments later with the right sanitary measures. Of course, a small part has chosen not to use these platforms because they talk about not being able to meet people quickly. They chose to devote themselves to other activities. 

4. The contradictions in the media. 

If we browse the Internet to find out how Tinder, Badoo, Meetic, Lovoo and all their companions experienced confinement, we will be amazed at how contradictory they are.  

While some media tell us about an unprecedented drop in connections (audiences down 55% on average, decrease in the number of subscriptions), others will tell us that this sector has, thanks to the isolation, experienced an incredible craze (+280% subscriptions / 3 billion swipes in a single day on Tinder). 

Difficult in the midst of all these contradictions to know what is really going on. What is certain is that Covid 19 has had a significant impact on the dating sector. Whether positive or negative, how have users been affected by this phenomenon? We will answer this below.   

5. Tips to combat Covid-19 as a user of dating sites and applications. 

There are safety measures that allow dating app users to continue to search for Love (or to have one-night stands). 

For that, it is important to ask the 3 questions recommended by the sexologist Gilbert Bou Jaoudé: 

  • Do I take the risk to develop a serious form of Covid-19? 
  • Is the area where I am known to have many cases? 
  • Are the people with whom I live and who I interact with daily at risk? 

Before arranging a meeting, you should also ask these three questions to your suitors to be sure that you are not in any danger. 

It is also advisable to behave in an ethically responsible manner and to have the same reaction as a person potentially carrying an STD, so: 

  • Get tested 
  • Protect yourself to avoid contracting the virus (wear a mask when going out, avoid unnecessary travel, wash your hands regularly with hydroalcoholic gel). 
  • Notify your previous partners if you are carrying the virus. 
  • Isolate yourself if necessary

“Sexual intercourse is a time that increases the risk of transmission. With HIV and STIs, you could say you protect yourself with condoms, but with the Covid 19, you can hardly protect yourself during intimate relations just with a mask.  

6. The era of slow-dating : Towards more quality. 

The impossibility of “flirting” in vivo has led to a new way of communicating on internet dating networks: Slow-dating.

“Confinement will make it possible to slow down and to take the time to get to know each other”.

With the habit of hyper-consumption we all have, it was obvious that one day this would apply to dating applications.

Many of us have gotten into the habit of accumulating conversations with different suitors in order to make the most of the time spent on platforms such as Tinder, Badoo or Meetic. Thanks to the confinement, we got to know each other again and learned more about the people we were chatting with. As a result, the risk of disappointment decreases, we can spend more time with the individuals we meet.

7. Changes in human behavior as a result of confinement. 

But for Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, the risk of psychological distress related to isolation is also to be taken into account. 

“As a sex therapist, I can say that someone who finds himself in sexual isolation is at risk of finding himself in emotional isolation. But emotional isolation plus the current anxiety-provoking atmosphere can be psychologically destructive,” says the doctor. 

8. Conclusion 

We have known for some months how to protect ourselves from Covid-19 and may have to do so for some time to come.  

Love or one-night stands, allow human beings to continue to exist. It goes without saying that we would find it hard to do without it.

But we will have to integrate Covid-19 into the “ethics of love”, to protect ourselves, but also to protect others. Because protecting someone else……is one of the foundations of any beautiful relationships.

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