Fake profiles: Tips to spot them.

You must have come across some fake profiles on dating sites. Gorgeous women or tempting messages, don’t be fooled anymore. Here are our tips to spot them.

Tips and tricks to spot a fake profile:

The Pictures :

Take a good look at them because some clues can save you time and a lot of disappointment:

  • Is it the same person on every picture?
  • Is it a photo montage?
  • Does the woman or man who is trying to seduce you seem too good-looking to be true or does his or her face look familiar?                      

Start by testing their photo in 3 simple steps, it only takes 10 seconds!

Step 1 :

Right-click on the profile photo that looks suspicious and then click on “copy the address/URL of the image”.

Step 2 :

Go to the Google search engine, then click on the small camera in the search bar.

Step 3 : 

Paste the address of the photo in the search bar. 

Google will now show you all the pages where it seems to have found an identical photo. Now it’s easy to find out if this mysterious person is lying to you about their photos.

The text:

It is possible to identify an imitator through his writing style. Pay attention. Are there any inconsistencies?  Never hesitate to reread your exchanges. Ask yourself the following questions: 

– Does his description use the same vocabulary as in his usual writing style?

– Does he regularly contradict himself?

– Does he write too quickly (as if he was copying and pasting) or too slowly (as if he took the time to translate)?

4 easy tests to reassure yourself :

It is obvious that if the person with whom you have been chatting to for some time is really into you, he or she will have no problem playing the game to reassure you. Just ask them:

  • Identity documents: It’s a simple and fairly effective way to verify a person’s identity. 
  • The “special pose” photo: What if you ask them to take a picture of themselves with their best face? Or their most charming wink? 
  • Sherlock mode: You’ve become the famous investigator! Look for inconsistencies in their social networks, his contact list is visible? Are his/her friendships related to what he/she is telling you? (unlikely that a Swiss banker has 541 Indonesians and no Swiss as friends) Are the photos in his/her albums his/her own?
  • The trick questions: “You told me you’ve been to Corsica, didn’t you? “, ” You told me you had 3 brothers, right ? “, ” It really reassured me when you told me you never raised your hand on an animal “. Be creative, whether it’s in the form of a question or an affirmation, there is often a way to unmask a liar, either this one will get lost in his stories, or he will confirm a story that you have invented from scratch 🙂
  • Chat with them over video. It’s the best way to find out who this person really is. Not only will you be able to talk with him or her in person, but you’ll also be able to see them.

There, you now have several techniques so that you will never be fooled, keep in mind that on dating sites, there are a lot of fake profiles. However, just like in “real life”, the digital world must respect certain logics, whether it is taking the time, social cues or even ethical. Our last piece of advice? Take your time, whether you’re trying to build a great story, or to make sure that the one you’re being sold is not a fairy tale with a disappointing ending.

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