Our relationship with our image and monetizing it.

Beauty and the body have always been subject to monetization or putting someone ahead of the game. Whether in one of the oldest professions in the world, prostitution, or to succeed in climbing the ladder by using one’s charms, we use our looks to attract, convince, please, make money or deceive.

Ways to make money from our looks:

There are many ways to monetize our beauty and they are constantly evolving.

Before the rise of social networks, being a model for a painter or a sculptor, (average wage of 14 euros net per hour) or photo model (from 480 € to 860 € for a beginner, from 840 € to 1200 € with experience and 900 € to 1600 € for modeling) allowed you to earn money thanks to your image.

But our vision of the world is impacted by what we see and there is an obvious link between current events and our relationship to image, we remember Paris Hilton who became known by the masses following her sex-tape, followed by Kim Kardashian who also used this method, or Clara Morgane who made the porn star more accessible by playing the role of the girl next door, cousin, or friend.

This is where our tendency to mimic comes into play: Why not do the same as these celebrities? Why shouldn’t we too have the right to make a living from our looks?

Today we are in an era of hyper valuation of the ego using our physical appearance; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, dating sites, sites where you can sell photos, everything is done so that we have only one thing in mind: “What do you see when you look at me?

Gradually our mentality has evolved, Facebook has planted the seed of “I want to show myself in the best light as possible to as many people as I can”, Instagram has offered us filters capable of making us more attractive, Snapchat the ability to radically change the image we show of ourselves, while dating sites have proven that our image is our main way of selling ourselves to others.

A new trend has appeared with sites such as Mym or Myfan, selling our photos, sexy or not is now within everyone’s reach, allowing people to end the month with a full fridge, or even to buy a pair of Louboutins, or even a car!

Where naked pictures can embarrass or offend on social networks, on sites like Mym or Myfans, we pay to see them. This allows to create 2 types of communities, those who are interested in the lifestyle and personality of the people they follow and those who are interested in how they look. Some celebrities show themselves almost naked on Instagram or Facebook and do not ask for payment, they are even reported all day long because they can shock some Internet users. Monetizing one’s image helps to avoid this kind of reaction because the community is warned. In the United States, the monetization of one’s image is very common, in France, although it is evolving rapidly, is wrongly criticized.

It is obvious that these sites benefit from a system and that their users are not paid as much as they should be, nevertheless, it is still a job like any other, and if they exist it is because the demand is there 🙂

Conclusion :

Who are we to judge? Do we know the reasons that pushed these people to use these means to get what they want? What is the difference between your average joe and the celebrities we follow so closely on the magazines we buy?

Let’s never forget that beneath a physical person is also a soul, a heart, and that judging is often a way we use to protect ourselves from a form of jealousy or a baseless rejection that our ego finds hard to admit to itself? When we are on the beach in sexy swimsuits in front of everyone, we are doing practically the same thing as those women who do it on social networks or dedicated sites.

So let’s be happy for those who can live from this because they don’t hurt anyone, on the contrary, they allow those who admire them to dream a little.

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